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Goodbye Blackberry, Hello BlueMail

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Many of us are forced to say goodbye to our blackberries this December when it will no longer support WhatsApp. :( One of the things we love about Blackberry is how it organizes multiple email accounts into tidy folders…. hmmm, actually that’s the only thing we love about the Blackberry.

BlueMail is 10steps ahead of you.

Introducing the solution to your monstrous mail troubles- the Blue Mail App. This app is all you need for detailed email management that allows you manage your multiple mails from the comfort of one application. Blue Mail is your one stop shop for all things emails as it pretty much handles every service provider there is from Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo  to name a few. With over one million users across the globe and a 4.7 star rating. Blue Mail is a sure way to stay organized with increased productivity.

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